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Why HCG Injections Are Used By So Many

The spotlight of the weight management world has in recent years fallen on one, seemingly unorthodox, diet method. The use of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone has become a popular weight loss supplement when use as an injection. These HCG injections are commonly used to enhance the effectiveness of a low calorie diet. Promotes of this dietary program claim that dieter using this method can easily lose three pounds per day. Debate over the validity and safety of these injections has waged for some time, and good arguments are made on each side of the issue. After taking into consideration the various arguments, I present the following reasons why you should not use HCG injections.

You should not use HCG injections if you want to suffer from hunger pains whenever you diet. Anyone who has tried any kind of diet (except the see-food diet, where you eat what you see) understands the pain involved in restricting the amount that you are allowed to eat. The constant feeling of near starvation is what commonly causes people to quite their diet, deciding that it is not worth it. With HCG injections, however, the body is prompted to gain its daily nutrition from your fat stores, keeping you from become half starved in your quest to lose weight.

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You should not use HCG injections if you want to spend your life in a lethargic haze. Most low calorie diets cause you to burn fat by starving your body. You limit your food consumption to a minimum to force your body to use your fat reserves. In the meantime, your body also eats away at other parts of your body, such as your muscles (even your heart). Another thing that your body does is decreases blood sugar levels. This means that they do not have the energy that they normally would, and it also makes many people cranky and irritable. This often causes dieters to decide that fat loss is not worth damaged relationships and a loss of enjoyment in life, and therefore they give up dieting altogether. HCG injections make your body to use its fat stores to feed itself, providing the energy needed for enjoyable life.

You should not use HCG injections if you want to lose weight at a slow pace. Traditional diets work at slow speeds, making it hard for those who want to see results soon. This causes a lot of dieters to become discouraged because it does not seem to be working. The reward does not seem to equal the sacrifice. HCG injections, on the other hand, cause most dieters to lose from one to three pounds each day! In just a month, you could look like a completely different person; a change that most diets would take much longer to achieve.

Perhaps I have succeeded in talking any would be HCG dieters out of their course of action. If so, I welcome you to the life of miserable hunger pains, lethargy, and incredibly slow weight loss. For the rest of you, enjoy life!

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