4 Common Causes of Slow Metabolism in the hCG diet and How to Fix Them

What helps us lose weight? It is metabolism. Metabolism is our body’s mechanism to help us lose weight by converting the foods that you eat into energy.

Now, you’ve probably seen people eat like a behemoth but they still maintain their body weight and figure. Why is that? Well, there is metabolism to thank for that.

But, not a lot of people have a very good metabolism. Time and again, a lot of people have complaints about slow metabolism when they are on the hCG diet.

That is because the hCG diet is one of those calorie-restricted diets and the body might not get the nutrition it needs.

But, that is just a possibility. In this article, I will talk about the common causes of slow metabolism and how you can fix them.

  1. Low Amount of Nutrients. As previously mentioned, people who have lower metabolic rates while on the hCG diet might attribute their metabolism due to the hCG diet’s premise. You see, when you’re on phase 2 of the hCG diet, you are only allowed to eat 500-800 calories per day, which is not a lot. But, the hCG diet is a carefully made diet plan that is sure to work. The hCG diet has a lot of phases and phase 1 of the hCG diet is where you load up on calories. All of the phases of the hCG diet serve a purpose and no, you’re not depriving yourself of nutrients. If you do seem to think that the hCG diet has something to do with it, it is not the diet itself but the foods that you eat. Make sure to eat foods that are rich in nutrients.
  2. Low Water Intake. Now, most people who want to look sexy almost always seem to ditch water. That is because of water retention and they might get a bulge when drinking copious amounts of it. But, water is essential in keeping your metabolic rates as high as possible. That is because water not only keeps us hydrated but it also improves the transport of nutrients and enzymes to the different parts of your body. Make sure to consume at least 6-10 glasses of water per day to ensure optimal metabolism.
  3. Very Low Protein Intake. No matter what diet plan you’re on, your body will always need protein. Protein is the building block of muscles and muscles vastly improve your metabolism. If you’re on the hCG diet, always make sure to include a portion or two of protein per day. It doesn’t have to be calorie-rich; just make sure that you get at least 25 grams of protein per day.
  4. Not Enough Rest. The last common cause of slow metabolism is not having enough sleep. Sleep is where regeneration and construction of muscles occur. When you lack sleep, your metabolism becomes slower as your body didn’t have enough time to recover. Furthermore, lack of sleep also increases cortisol levels which attribute to muscle breakdown. Always aim to sleep at least 7-9 hours per day to ensure optimum metabolism.

The hCG diet plan is not the cause of your slow metabolism; it is a combination of these 4 factors I have highlighted above.

When you’re on the hCG diet, always ensure to eat the right kinds of foods that are rich in nutrients, always drink adequate amounts of water, always have protein every day and get some good night’s rest.

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