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The New hCG Diet

There is no doubt that the hCG diet is one of the most popular diet plans in the world today. Millions of people have tried this diet with amazing results and some have reported that they have donned a new lifestyle because of it.

The original hCG diet is a little bit unforgiving and a lot of people do drop out of the program entirely because of that very same thing. You see, the original hCG diet requires you to eat a total of just 500 calories per day as well as injecting yourself with the hCG hormone.

Obviously, 500 calories are not going to be enough, especially for people who have been accustomed to eating a lot of food. hCG dietitians thought of increasing the calorie count in order for people to actually stick the diet plan for the long term.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the all new hCG diet plan. As previously mentioned, the original hCG diet created by Dr. A.T.W Simeons can be unforgiving. In fact, 2 out of 5 people who try the hCG diet dropped out of the diet program because of the restrictive nature of the original 500 calorie diet.

HCG dietitians have noted that and they’ve devised a new rule so that people will actually stick to the diet plan until they achieve their optimum weight.

The new hCG diet plan is much more forgiving. Instead of eating just 500 calories per day, you can now stretch it to 1,000 calories per day. It is important that you consult with your hCG dietitian so that they can help you devise a meal plan that is tailor made for you.

Just remember that in the new hCG diet plan, you still have to undergo the same process (eating a few calories per day and injecting yourself with the hCG hormone). But, as I’ve said before, 1,000 calories are already an attainable calorie-restriction since most people who go on a diet are accustomed to that.

Furthermore, it really won’t be hard for you because the hCG hormone will help you quash those hunger pangs. Originally, the hCG hormone requires the 500 calorie diet in order for it to work.

But, hCG dietitians have also found out that with minor modifications in the calorie count, people actually have the same weight loss results to that of the original hCG diet plan.

You can still opt for either the hCG shots or the hCG diet drops as they both work the same.

Also, remember that you need to have all of the macronutrient requirements met every day. That means that you need to eat at least one protein, one portion of carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

I truly believe that a diet plan should be catered to every individual’s needs and not the other way around. With the new hCG diet, I am positive that there will be more people enjoying their new healthy bodies because of it. Try the new hCG diet plan today.

Six benefits of HCG Injections

Human chorionic gandotrophin (HCG) is basically a hormone present in the urine of pregnant women. Many claims there are several different health benefits associated with HCG injections, including weight loss, which the official U.S. Food and Drug Administration claims to be untrue. hcg injections Nonetheless, many medical communities think that there are several health benefits of using HCG injections, including increase in infertility, and various hormone related issues.

In this guide, we will explain six health benefits of using HCG injections:

1. First, the HCG diet injections help people lose weight effectively and fast. Every morning, each patient is given injections, and for the rest of the day, all they have to do is follow the strict 500-calorie diet. Although the drastic reduction of calorie intake at first may seem impossible and even dangerous to stick for some people, nonetheless, with a shot of HCG injection, it’s been found that patient not only experience lower appetites, but also maintain normal energy levels.

2. Recent studies have shown that those using HCG diet injections have stable cholesterol level. The hormone improves thyroid gland operate smoothly so that you lose weight effectively. It is also found that hormone help rejuvenate and rebuild adrenal glands, which in turn balances hormone level in their body.

3. Many people are reporting HCG injection’s body sculpting benefit. An HCG injection sculpts the body by attacking stored fat in several different parts of your body, like the belly, thighs, and buttocks. This means you won’t see excess skin around your body as you might with many other weight loss programs.

4. The HCG injections tighten the structure under your skin and makes the signs of aging (usually see on the face, hands, and neck) disappear.

5. The best benefit of using HCG injection is perhaps improving of the emotional state of people suffering from obesity. After a person loses their excess weight, obviously, they will feel confident and good about themselves. But with HCG diet injections, it’s been reported that many people experience even greater emotional well-being during its therapy, too. Not only people reported of more restful sleep, responsible for lift in their mood, but they also more energized and less irritable. As you continue with the therapy and lose more weight, of course, the mood continues to improve.

6. Did you know that HCG increases the chances of women becoming pregnant? Not only it assists in the production of sperm and testosterone, but also helps women suffering from unbalanced menstrual cycles.

Using HCG injections for weight loss

The term HCG refers to human chorionic gonadotrophin, a naturally produced hormone found within the placenta of pregnant women, which controls the entire metabolic function in the hypothalamus throughout a single pregnancy. This little known hormone can actually be used in a diet known as the HCG diet, however this version of the hormone is a variant based on the type used in many fertility treatments in small doses.

All HCG used for medical purposes is natural, though produced in laboratories from sterile cells. Some people assume HCG is extracted from the urine of women and/or animals, however that’s a common misconception.

As mentioned, HCG can be used as a diet supplement. By talking HCG injections, people can expect to lose at least one to two pounds per day, though some start losing at least a half pound per day. Three pounds per day is the maximum amount a person can lose in a single day after taking HCG injections.

weight loss womanMost people generally lose one pound in their first day of taking HCG injections for dieting. A person can also increase their daily vegetable intake, which includes adding a fresh salad to each meal. Increasing the intake of both fiber and water is important as well. Adding these elements to your diet while taking HCG injections helps accelerate weight loss.

Your doctor may request you to take a blood test and undergo a general health assessment, particularly if you’re taking HCG injections on a long-term basis. For individual injections, however, no further medical preparations are required. Most injections generally require thorough self sterilizing procedures to reduce the amount of discomfort.

Using HCG injections is ultimately a healthier way to approach weight loss. The HCG hormone may cause unhealthy fat to reabsorb back into the blood stream. Due to this, many people who use HCG injections report a general feeling of good health, since they are ultimately losing unhealthy fat.

Most men and women can use HCG injections for weight loss. It’s always recommended to consult your doctor about incorporating HCG injections with your regular weight loss regime. HCG injections rarely have side effects when used for dieting, though the formula used for fertility may give patients occasional headaches.

People who use HCG injections for weight loss generally ‘keep the weight off’ after their first use of the injections. Most people make different lifestyle changes or changes to their diet to help maintain their new weight once they start taking HCG injections. Maintaining a targeted amount of physical activity throughout the week is also a recommended lifestyle change to make.

Shedding pounds with HCG injections

The world of weight loss tools and supplements is a crowded and often incredible confusing space –there are a million and one different options that can be taken advantage of and finding a general consensus on what is actually working and the products complete and total duds is next to impossible. This has made a major problem (people are getting heavier and heavier every single day) even worse, and with no help in sight people have been getting pretty desperate. hcg diet injections

This desperation has in turn sparked a ton of product lines that are useless in any way other than making money for the person who is developing them, and people are quickly becoming jaded. The market has been dying for a real solution that could provide credible results at a price point that wouldn’t break the bank.

And that’s where the HCG Injections come in.

While there are certainly more than a couple of options for shedding unnecessary and unwanted weight, few offer you the ease and simplicity that the HCG Injections can

Two of the most important things to look for in different weight loss solutions are how easy they product is to use and how quickly you can expect to get results. And though there are some products on the market that have mastered one side of the coin or the other (they are either really simple to use with little to no instant results or amazingly complex but producing fast and measurable outcomes), you’ll find that not only are the HCG Injections super easy to use but the results you can achieve in just a few short weeks are nothing short of amazing.

Discovered by total accident by a doctor looking to find better ways to leverage the stored fat in a woman’s body to convert it to food for a fetus, HCG Injections have become one of the biggest things in weight loss for a reason – it is not uncommon to see weight drops of 10,15, or even 30 pounds in your first month using the HCG Injections, something absolutely unheard of with other techniques and technologies.

Widely used and incredibly popular, the HCG Injections have become one of the biggest selling tools in the weight loss industry – not to mention they are backed up by professionals and celebs like Doctor Oz himself

And as for the legitimacy of these incredible little supplements, you have to look no further than world renowned doctor (and frequent TV host, including his own show and on Oprah) Doctor Oz. Just recently the good doctor had a special about weight loss tools and tips, and it should come as no surprise that HCG Injections topped the list. Shown to be effective for people across the globe and suffering from a range of extra pounds, this is the kind of tool you want to use when it comes to literally melting the fat off your body in a quick and completely safe way. There may be other options on the market, but none are quite as simple and easy as the HCG Injections are.

Why HCG Injections Are Used By So Many

The spotlight of the weight management world has in recent years fallen on one, seemingly unorthodox, diet method. The use of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone has become a popular weight loss supplement when use as an injection. These HCG injections are commonly used to enhance the effectiveness of a low calorie diet. Promotes of this dietary program claim that dieter using this method can easily lose three pounds per day. Debate over the validity and safety of these injections has waged for some time, and good arguments are made on each side of the issue. After taking into consideration the various arguments, I present the following reasons why you should not use HCG injections.

You should not use HCG injections if you want to suffer from hunger pains whenever you diet. Anyone who has tried any kind of diet (except the see-food diet, where you eat what you see) understands the pain involved in restricting the amount that you are allowed to eat. The constant feeling of near starvation is what commonly causes people to quite their diet, deciding that it is not worth it. With HCG injections, however, the body is prompted to gain its daily nutrition from your fat stores, keeping you from become half starved in your quest to lose weight.

hcg injections weight loss

You should not use HCG injections if you want to spend your life in a lethargic haze. Most low calorie diets cause you to burn fat by starving your body. You limit your food consumption to a minimum to force your body to use your fat reserves. In the meantime, your body also eats away at other parts of your body, such as your muscles (even your heart). Another thing that your body does is decreases blood sugar levels. This means that they do not have the energy that they normally would, and it also makes many people cranky and irritable. This often causes dieters to decide that fat loss is not worth damaged relationships and a loss of enjoyment in life, and therefore they give up dieting altogether. HCG injections make your body to use its fat stores to feed itself, providing the energy needed for enjoyable life.

You should not use HCG injections if you want to lose weight at a slow pace. Traditional diets work at slow speeds, making it hard for those who want to see results soon. This causes a lot of dieters to become discouraged because it does not seem to be working. The reward does not seem to equal the sacrifice. HCG injections, on the other hand, cause most dieters to lose from one to three pounds each day! In just a month, you could look like a completely different person; a change that most diets would take much longer to achieve.

Perhaps I have succeeded in talking any would be HCG dieters out of their course of action. If so, I welcome you to the life of miserable hunger pains, lethargy, and incredibly slow weight loss. For the rest of you, enjoy life!

What are HCG Diet Injections used for

Most people in the western world are very familiar with the numerous diets and weight loss programs that seem to be constantly popping up. At every turn, there is a new way to lose belly fat, a new program to thin your thighs, or a new diet to increase your energy. Most people no longer trust the “secret tips” or weird exercise machines that are constantly being advertised.

One diet program that has recently become popular uses something that seems just a little odd, and that is a new idea to many people. When someone hears about HCG injections, the first thing they often think about is some type of illegal drug or a new vaccination. Just the sound of it makes people a little bit uncomfortable; but what is it?

The HCG injections are usually part of a diet that takes advantage of the HCG hormone. Injecting HCG directly into the bloodstream is the most effective way of using HCG, even though over the counter tongue drops are also available. The injections are available from many doctors who can supervise their being safely used.

HCG is a hormone that the human body naturally produces. The full name is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a substance found primarily in pregnant women. When this hormone is introduced into the bloodstream, it causes your body to target its fat stores as a primary supply of nutrients. Rather than trying to store as much fat as possible (as the body normally does), the body will begin to eat its fat. This allows the dieter to eat less food and not feel quite as hungry, nor suffer from a huge decrease in energy. Most diets that go along with the HCG injections call for only five hundred calories per day; but with the injections, it is not as painful, nor as harmful, as such a restrictive diet would normally be. And because it targets fat specifically, this program does not reduce muscle.

This often leads to the question, “What about when I go off the injections? Will I gain my weight back?” Nobody can expect to lead an unhealthy lifestyle of high fat food and no exercise and stay skinny. But those who go through this diet and continue to eat healthily and exercise regularly will be able to maintain their weight. The HCG works to reprogram the body’s metabolism through the course of the diet, assisting in continued weight management.

The results of the HCG injections combined with the diet are incredible. The average user loses from one to three pounds each day, with some losing much more. The success stories are numerous, and excited customers are more than happy to share their stories. If this is something that you want to experience for yourself, than talk to your doctor about the possibility of using HCG injections. If you have tried diets in the past and remained disappointed, this may be the one that will finally give you the body that you want to have.

HCG Injections for Weight Loss

hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) injections may be the ticket to weight loss for those who are looking for a quicker solution to their weight issues. What is hCG and how does it help? Is the diet effective and does it work to keep the weight off once the diet ends? How do the injections work and how long does this strategy for weight loss last? Those are very important questions that this article will clarify.

hCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced in the placenta during pregnancy to help regulate the embryos development. It also influences other hormones. Research has found that this hormone also suppresses hunger and triggers the body’s use of fat for fuel. Among medical practitioners who have helped patients use hcg injections there has been at least a 90% success rate for their patients.

The injections can be self-administered after proper training in the doctor’s office. Those who elect to begin the hormone injection program will also need to participate in a restrictive diet for 3 to 6 weeks depending on how much weight loss is necessary or desired. The caloric intake is set at 500 per day, so careful medical supervision is necessary over the course of the hcg injection process. The dieter will be put on a diet that calls a food intake of mostly organic and non-processed foods. Vitamin injections may also be included in the program.

The diet works to help women lose 5 to 15 lbs. in 3 weeks or 15-25 lbs. in 6 weeks; men will lose 15 to 25 lbs. or 25 to 50 lbs. in the same time periods). The main thing that makes the hcg injections effective is that although the dieter is on a restrictive 500 calorie diet they will not feel hunger or tiredness that would be normally expected due to the injections that work to burn the abnormal fat deposits rather than muscle tissue for energy. This helps keep the energy level up as the weight comes down.

The weight will stay off so long as the dieter follows up the 3 to 6 week injection program with a maintenance diet of 1200 to 1500 calories per day. This diet will also be carefully monitored. The main point is that the diet works to reprogram the hypothalamus in the brain to help reset the weight equilibrium so that the brain does not indicate hunger when the body is not hungry. This reprogramming process helps prevent the possibility of yo-yo diet effect of weight gain after the hcg injection program has been completed.

Before starting this program or any other diet program have your doctor perform a complete medical history and physical to assure that you do not have any conditions that would preclude you from using hCG injections to lose weight.  While you are on the programs, strictly adhere to the food intake recommendations, and you will find success at last.

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